The Legal World: A Rap Guide

Yo, yo, listen up, let me lay it down,
I’ll talk about the law, all over town.
From corporate firms in Delhi, where they get it done,
To domestic violence, where we fight and run.
The legal profession in India, it’s a serious game,
But they know the rules, they’re not to blame.
Legal separation in Ohio and health insurance too,
Gotta consider it all, before you’re through.
Non renewal contract email, sent with dread,
Understand the implications, before you’re led.
Law schools by state, find the best,
Get accredited programs, pass the test.
Contract renewal thank you email, it’s all about grace,
Tips and samples, put them in their place.
Online legal research databases, find reliable info,
It’s all online, don’t let it go.
EU Armenia agreement, overview and such,
Implications and analysis, it’s not too much.
Merger rules companies act 2013, it’s the law,
Gotta follow it all, no matter how raw.

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